grandad mountainsNg Po Wan was an artist who was born in China in 1904. He lived mainly in Hong Kong and later immigrated to Canada. He was a prolific oil painter and traveled extensively to paint and to exhibit his works in such places as China, Japan, Macau, Canada and the United States. He tried to meld Western oil painting with the Chinese esthetic. He believed in painting en plein air. He began painting in the Realistic style of Rembrandt and Corot but later his style evolved to an Impressionistic and Post-Impressionistic sensibility as his colours became brighter and his brushstrokes looser. Ng painted landscapes, scenes of local activity, portraits, nudes and still life. He was constantly trying to improve his technique. He painted almost every day until he was 93 and produced over 1400 works of art. His paintings show his enduring spirit and optimism for life.