At Chess

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At Chess, 73 x 92 cm, oil on canvas, 1949, Scenes, (183) [B56-49]

73 x 92 cm, oil on canvas, 1949, Scenes, (183) [B56-49]
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Ng’s early influences were Rembrandt, Corot and Fernando Amorsolo.

He took after his teacher, Amorsolo, by painting en plein air, depicting similar themes to his teacher’s work (everyday life) and using the technique of backlighting. These paintings are Realistic in style and tone. We can also see the influence of Rembrandt’s technique. Usually Ng would begin his composition over a uniform layer of dark brown and build up in increasingly lighter tones, finishing with the highlights.

In Hong Kong in those days, it was common to see people playing chess on the streets. Ng paid his subjects to model for him and completed the picture in a few days.

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