• 10:57 am on January 2, 2014

    Cross Country Skiing

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    X-Country Skiing in a Sunny Winter Day, 66 x 81 cm, oil on canvas, 1992, Landscapes

    I thought this an appropriate painting to share as this is exactly how we spent our New Year’s Day.  For the first day of the year, we spent much of it lazing around inside the house but the outside beckoned and we strapped on our cross country skis for the first time in a long time and went for a family ski. I remember as kids, my parents would take us cross country skiing and we would hate it because it was so much work! At least, that’s what it felt like to a 12-year old.  But yesterday it was a lot of fun.  We didn’t go on any groomed paths. We just went behind our house, through a former corn field (just stubs of the stalks left) and through the woods.  For a while we followed a snowmobile track but for the most part, we made our own track, over broken limbs (fallen from the ice storm) and around stumps and trees.  We saw many animal tracks: squirrel, mice, chipmunk, wild turkey and we think a coyote.  It was a lovely day. I find this painting interesting because it may be called “X-Country Skiing…” but you have to look really hard to find the people actually skiing!  They are nearly hidden by the trees and could almost be a part of the trees.  The main focus of the painting is the sun.  It is definitely a “Sunny Day”.  You can imagine exactly this kind of a day: where the sun is shining so brightly that it reflects off the snow, you have to squint to see and the heat is so intense it has you sweating under your jacket and hat.  It’s the kind of day that you just can’t help being aware of the sun at all times.  This painting reflects the almost overwhelming effect the sun can have, even on a cold wintry day.  In a way, this painting is also about hope.  Even on the longest winter day with the cold and snow, the sun can be out shining and warming things up.  The sun is always there, even if obscured by clouds, just like hope is always there.  And it’s sunny days that remind us of that hope.  So here is hoping for a great 2014.  Happy New Year! J

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